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If you are reading this it's because you love cats, in particular these so called "viking lynxs", or perhaps it's because you are curious, as we were years ago, about what makes this breed so special.

We started to breed Norwegian Forest Cats as a family cattery located at the north mountains in Madrid, Arashi, with a main goal in mind when raising cats, giving them all our love and providing them with a happy and healthy environment to grow up big and strong before going to their new owners. The cats are our family and they live with us altogether. They also have plenty of space to run, play and jump and in a few months they will have even more.

Our knowledge of the NFO goes back to 1999. We aim at breeding healthy and excellent Norwegian Forest Cats with a lovely temper, focusing in providing both the cats and their new families a happy future together. Since we prefer families for our babies, in case you are a breeder and you show some interest in one of our kittens, we will study your request carefully and decide accordingly.

We hope you like our website.

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